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Diamond Lashes

Lash Boss

Silk Lashes

$6 Classy Lashes

$5.00 Lashes

Diva Lash

LashTower Brand

Our brand is Handmade with cruelty-free mink, and lashes are long lasting and reusable. LashTower lashes can be worn up to 25 times. Our Magnetic Lashes can be worn up to 40 times and are appealing to the eyes. Our lip Glosses and Lip Oils are all natural ingredients and made with Love. 

Flavorful Lip Glosses

Exotic Fruit Lip Glosses

Lip Gloss Tubes

Flavorful Shea Butters

Fun Glosses

Nude Lip Glosses

Exotic Real Fruit Glosses

LashTower Mission

Our Mission is to provide quality products to our LashTower family. Here at LashTower we want you to look and feel stunning in our products. Our purpose is to know our LashTower family and learn what makes each individual smile and feel their best. Each client has their own unique style and deserve to look there best at an affordable cost.

  • Exotic Real Fruit Glosses

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Exotic Real Fruit Glosses

Flavored Lip Glosses

Customers Review

I really love their eyelashes. It really bring out my big eyes. The lip oils are amazing as well. My recommendation is the 'It Girl' and the 'Cutie' Lashes.

Tiffany Holmes

Customers Reviews

This is hands down one of my favorite companies. Who knew it was a new company. I really enjoyed the Angel lashes and flavorful lip gloss.

Jane Miller

Customers Reviews

Normally don't leave reviews but the fruit oil smell amazing an it live up to its name. The eyelashes are nice too can't wait to try a different kind.

Angie Adams

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Lakeside Mall

14000 Lakeside Cir, Sterling Heights, mi 48313

Mon - Fri, 10am - 7pm
Saturday, 11am - 7pm
Sunday, 11am - 6pm

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